In order to register, you will need an active policy number, SSN, and last name. If the policy is owned by a business, you will need to enter the name of the business and the tax id as well as the policy number.
Contact our Policy Service department at 1-800-457-9611 or click here to Contact Us!
PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a new security feature that will be required if you forgot your username and also to reset your password.
You will only see policies that you currently own. Also, if your policy has lapsed, it will not appear.
Yes, forms can be found under Services. Access to more forms are available to logged in users.
You can email a completed form to, fax to 601-321-3244, or mail to Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, PO Box 78, Jackson MS 39205.
You can make an unscheduled payment if you have a universal life policy or adjustable premium life policy.
You may pay the premium due on your policy after receiving a premium notice as long as the policy is still in the grace period. To pay a premium, click Pay Online once logged into your online account.
If the premium is not due or the grace period has ended, that policy will not show in the Pay Online section. Also, you will only see policies that you own.
To see the status of an online payment:
  • Log in
  • Go to My Profile
  • Select Online Payment History
A monthly payment cannot be made online. However, a monthly automatic draft can be set up with a form. This form can be found under Services, Set up bank draft.
A recurring payment can be made by setting up an automatic draft from your bank account. The required form can be found under Services, Set up bank draft.
A future payment date can be scheduled only if you have received a bill and your payment due date is upcoming.
Debit or credit card payments are not available at this time. Online payments can be made with a checking or savings account when a payment is due.
If a pending payment is scheduled for a future date, you may edit or delete the payment until 4:30 PM CT on the day that it is due. If a payment is not scheduled for a future date, you can only edit or delete the payment that same day before 4:30 PM CT. To edit or delete a payment, go to the Online Payment History section under My Profile.
You can delete your bank account on file unless there is a current pending payment using that account information. To delete a bank account, go to Online Bank Account under My Profile.
We only provide payment history for payments submitted online. You will not see any payments that are currently on draft or were mailed to our office. Please contact us if you believe a payment was submitted and authorized but is not displayed in your Online Payment History.
Your payment will be processed up to 5 business days after your online payment is scheduled. The status of your payment will show in the Online Payment History under My Profile.
Logged in users can see Online Payment History, saved Online Bank Account information, Annual Statements, and Tax Forms, if applicable.
After logging in, you can change your email address, PIN, and password in My Profile.
Notifications only inform you that the requested document is available to be viewed online. You will continue to receive documents via US mail.
A policy loan allows you borrow against the cash value. If loans are allowed on your policy, the Loans provision of your contract gives you the right to take a loan as long as the policy has cash value. There is an annual interest rate associated with taking a policy loan.
A provision in the policy contract that allows the company to deduct the premium from the cash value if not paid by the last day of the grace period and if the owner has elected the automatic premium loan provision. This is a non-forfeiture option elected by the owner at time of application or after the policy has been issued. Please contact Policy Service at 1-800-457-9611 for more information regarding non-forfeiture options.
The loan interest is due on the anniversary date of the policy. A bill is mailed 18 days prior to the due date. If the loan interest is not paid each year, the interest is added to your loan balance.
Generally, yes. If the loan is not paid back, then the death benefit will be reduced by the amount of the outstanding loan balance. If the loan balance exceeds the cash value, the policy could terminate due to policy overloan.
Overloan means that the outstanding loan balance exceeds the cash value, resulting in termination of the policy. Policies that terminated due to overloan cannot be reinstated.
Loan payments can be made by check, bank draft, phone payment, or online. If your policy earns dividends, then the dividend option can be changed to automatically reduce the loan by dividends earned each year. Dividends are not guaranteed.
The policy loan could be taxable when processed if the policy is a Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) and the policy has a taxable gain. The policy loan could also be taxable if the policy had a taxable gain at the time of termination or surrender and there was an outstanding loan balance. In either scenario, the taxable event could be reported as income on a 1099.
After logging in, you may view any available forms under My Profile, Tax Forms.
To receive tax forms electronically, logged in users may change the preferred delivery method under My Profile, Tax Forms.
To update your email address for paperless tax forms:
  • Log in
  • Go to My Profile
  • Tax Forms
  • Change Tax Forms Delivery Method
Your request could take up to 24 hours to be reflected on this site.
To change your preferred delivery method of tax forms:
  • Log in
  • Go to My Profile
  • Tax Forms
  • Change Tax Forms Delivery Method
Your request could take up to 24 hours to be reflected on this site.
To start a claim, you can contact our Claims Department at 1-800-562-0919.
To get a life insurance quote, contact your Farm Bureau agent or find the nearest agent to you here.
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